One more gift for you to unSPAC ๐ŸŽ

Hey everyone,

Our skeleton team worked over the holidays to bring you more special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

While itโ€™s a small batch for now, we wanted to start getting you more of these stocks as soon as we physically could and we are looking to add a lot more.

Symbol Name ISIN Subtitle Description ISA Eligible
AACQ Artius Acquisition Inc KY04316G1057 Tech SPAC A SPAC aiming to acquire or merge with tech-enabled businesses. TRUE
AJAX Ajax I KYG0190X1007 Defensive SPAC A SPAC aiming to merge with or acquire companies with defensible business models. TRUE
BTWN Bridgetown Holdings Ltd KYG1355U1132 Tech SPAC A Peter Thiel-backed SPAC targeting firms in technology, financial services or media. TRUE
CCX Churchill Capital Corp II US17143G1067 Learning SPAC A SPAC aiming to merge with or acquire companies with interests in digital learning. FALSE
RTP Reinvent Technology Partners KYG7483N1299 Tech SPAC A SPAC aiming to merge with or acquire a tech business. TRUE

Please remember that when investing, including in SPACs, your capital is at risk.

If you youโ€™d like to learn more about them, hereโ€™s our SPAC explainer.


Thanks, Viktor. More stocks are critical please :slight_smile:

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We know.

The team have increased the number of instruments from around 600 to almost 4,000 this year. But we know there is more we need to add. Expect us to step up the pace, 2021-style! :rocket:


This is great @Viktor, thanks. Is there a complete list of all the SPACs that are on Freetrade that can be viewed?


Thank you, sir! And thank you to the whole FT team! Happy new year!


Thank you Viktor and FT team

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Awesome. This is what I like to see!


Brilliant thanks Team!

I know this has already been requested as a thread but another โ€˜hotโ€™ SPAC of interest Iโ€™m sure to many is Spinning Eagle Acquisition Corp, from the same guys as the successful DraftKings and $FEAC from earlier in the year. If there is anything to go on when investing in a SPAC its the track record of the managementโ€ฆ!


Amazing work guys, thereโ€™s no rest for the Freetrade Elfs :elf::freetrade:

Any chance of adding the $FUSE SPAC soon?


Thanks @Viktor


In addition, taking a note from what JEFF Bezos said, โ€œ invest in what you think will improve lifeโ€.

Can more disruptive technology stocks be added such as energy storage, green energy, ev and bio tech?


Thank you!

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Thank you, Iโ€™ve been waiting for $AJAX personally so glad to see it make the list. Their board is stacked with big names from silicon valley (Kevin Systrom, Anne Wojcicki etc) so itโ€™ll be interesting to see what they buy


Thanks Victor Ajax made my day

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Thanks for all the kind comments.

Weโ€™ll be working in 2021 to bring you an even bigger investment universe.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Victor, can we please get OAC (Oaktree Acquisition Corp), theyโ€™re merging with Hims later this month (huge millennial health brand). Having just opened a Freetrade ISA was really disappointed to not find several stocks I was looking for. SPACโ€™s are super in right now, would be great if Freetrade were proactively monitoring that space and adding them in advance.


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