The “Nasdaq :whale2:” sorry I mean Softbank are launching a Spac. If it becomes available in the market could we get this please.
$FEAC please

Two more SPACs are live for everyone right now:


Hey @winnie, this is added now!

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We would and we will.

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One more thing…

Gremlin batch is back for more :japanese_ogre:

Two more brand new — and community requested, @nickalmond :wink: — SPACs for everyone have arrived:

Flying Eagle :eagle: $FEAC
Gores Metropoulos :zap: $GMHI


Legend. Thanks!!!

Woo! Thank you Sam!

May be another one where we have to wait a week for warrants to separate but could we get CCIV? It was in @Viktor’s original list. Thanks!

How does one decide which spac is a better investment than another?

You don’t. It’s a gamble. Best you can do is look at the management’s track record. But then again past performance does not guarantee… blah…blah…blah.

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Is there any way to search/filter just for SPACs? I tried searching “spac” but it brought up a lot of things.

Maybe in the “Discover - See All - All Securities” there could be a new filter across the top, joining "UK, US, Stock ETFs, Bond ETFs, Stocks"

Or maybe you guys are on this already as part of a bigger overhaul? It’s getting harder to search for things given how many great stocks/etfs/spacs etc that you’re adding. I can’t keep up!


Please can I request the following SPACs:

Trine Acquisition Corp. (TRNE)
Pivotal Investment Corporation II (PIC)

We’re working on adding both.

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Brill, thanks Viktor!!