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The plus also gives you access to paywall stocks… That’s any stocks with a :plus_: icon. And free ISA.

I’ve just cancelled mine for now as I’m not currently buying/selling stocks… just holding.

But if you can keep 4k cash in your account it earns enough interest to pay for :plus_: plus… I’ve never been able to do that :laughing:

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whats the saying, go woke go broke … :face_with_peeking_eye:

Is there any saving Disney now?


When / if Disney decides to reintroduce a dividend that they paid pre Covid will be crucial. They are on my watch list to join my portfolio of dividend stocks. I may jump the gun early as they have fallen a long way for such a huge company.

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The Obi-Wan series on Disney Plus is worth the annual subscription on its own.
Cinema level visuals and so much better than the last three Star Wars movies.
If Disney can keep this up, along with the Marvel content, it will be tough for me to ever cancel my subscription.

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Disney was the worst thing to ever happen to Starwars. They destroyed my childhood
I can never forgive them.
They just ruin everything. IMO.
I could rant all night
I would never dream of sullying my portfolio with them.
Any who. That’s my 2pence worth. It’s good we are all different. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Episodes IV, V, Vi were the original and clearly the best.
I thought the prequels were ok, but nowhere as good as the originals.
And the sequels (made by Disney) were just average and I was disappointed with them.

The tv shows are a return to form.
If you ever have the opportunity, you should check out The Mandalorian and Obi Wan.

I think the Marvel movies are almost universally fantastic.

I really like the Madalorian … til they sacked Gina Carano for no good reason, then I refused to watch it again
Then they try and say if we dislike Moses Ingram in Obi Won its because we are racist … no its a rubbish character
same at Rose Tico … no nothing to do with the actress, Kelly Marie Tran, the character is rubbish, but Disney had to push it on us, we dont care !
go woke go broke

many people love Disney, could there be opportunities for future returns with it trading at 93.50 :face_with_peeking_eye:
I’ll pass tho :innocent:

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Mandalorian was alright, but I’ve lost interest now. I didn’t watch Boba Fett and I don’t really feel like I’ve missed anything. probably won’t watch Obi Won.

I though the last film was the worst Star Wars film ever and one of the worst films I’ve seen for ages

I did have some Disney shares, but they are one of the stocks I ditched to raise cash to pay off my Mortgage

Regarding “Woke” characters, I have zero problem with them making major characters more diverse. the problem is they always make them infallible characters with no flaws which in turn makes them boring. The Expanse does a way better job of having a diverse range of interesting chacaters