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Thank you @hookedinvesting & @101

Understand if you can give advise etc.

I think my plan was to invest little by little each week like Hooked has mentioned. Learning the the levels on how stocks rise and fall and when is the best entry point etc.

I’ve also wish listed Disney as I think it could be one to watch if and when it dips. Do we reckon it will dip or will it rise because of the above topics on subs. new films, streams etc?


*if you cant give advise.

Dollar cost averaging is a good idea to consider, you’ll avoid massively overpaying if the price fluctuates.

We can’t advise on buying or selling stocks but here’s a few things to consider:

  • This is the highest price Disney has ever been
  • Lots of Disney’s revenue is tied to it’s parks, cruises and theatres which are heavily impacted by the virus
  • Disney+ growth although impressive wont be free additional revenue, it’s going to come at some cost to traditional monetisation of Disney content

On the positive side:

  • Disney+ looks like it’s going to have extremely aggressive growth now they are committed to producing content for it
  • Once vaccines are out there is going to be a lot of deferred demand for parks
  • Disney has accumulated a huge amount of IP and now has a diverse range of content, including Fox and sports

The next thing to start reading would be Disney’s investor / earnings reports, you can start to get an idea of where they make money and what some of the risks are.


The markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent (is a good quote).

It’s best to look further out with individual shares. If you see Disney being a Goliath in 2025/2030 and pumping out family dreams and being popular and relevant then the price today is desirable.

There is always a time and a place to buy into individual companies, if the momentum and brand is there and it’s poised to continue being relevant, has great cash flow etc… then it’s not a bad shout.


Reading all the responses to @PeakPaul post is why I love this forum and this app!

Investing should be for the masses and this forum and Freetrade are breaking down the barriers


@Jonny You’re so right! I was expecting to get trolled or shutdown instantly but im actually really shocked at how amazing this forum is responding! From my current experience and I’m guessing most people starting its very daunting setting up, not getting scared, trial and error etc.

So far, really happy with the input everyone has given so thanks! If I ask questions feel free to tell me too chill haha!


Glad to hear it, welcome to the community Paul!


Hi all first time post. My wife is a Disney nut and I want to buy her a share in Disney is this free trade app ligit? Thanks in advance

Of course it’s legit, its an FCA registered stockbroker



Careful buying Disney shares - in the 3 months I’ve owned them I’ve seen it in the green once - and even then for (quite literally) 30 seconds :joy:. Probably just me though. I’d like to think it’s a very solid long term hold (and if me owning them doesn’t put you off, nothing will!).


Does anyone know if you buy a share through freetrade if we can get a SRN ?

Same here surprised they haven’t done better I thought their streaming service was doing well?

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I think it was doing well (very well) but uptake is increasing more slowly now. On that point, my Netflix shares are having a stinker too - I’m obviously a kiss of death!

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I’m hoping that once the parks reopen and we are “back to normal” the price will shoot back up, surely the fundamentals are sound for this one?