Nintendo shares


Ive just invested in nintendo shares. First one in games. Anyone else hold these shares? Views

I don’t hold Nintendo shares, or any other individual company for that matter, but I like its prospects and it seems reasonable value.

I think I’m right in saying there’s a new console in the works for the second half of 2024.

There’s scope for the company to do an awful lot more with its IP as well. To my mind, it’s only really scratched the surface in terms of film, TV etc.

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I have a fair few in my portfolio. Up about 40% to date excluding dividends :smiling_face:
Does a $MSFT investment count towards a games company :laughing:

I don’t really kept track what the stocks doing. It just sits there doing its own thing.

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Sounds good to me. I made losses in some renewable energy stocks so i needed to diversify sectors

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I hold this stock. As soon as Freetrade announced they were making it available I bought pretty much straight away. I am a gamer though so I know/have played a lot of Nintendo games.