Remedy Entertainment (REMEDY.HE)

Sounds like an interesting business, just announced a partnership with Epic Games I believe and is up 116% YTD. Big inside ownership (60%) and a small market cap (EU300m) looks interesting to me.

Wasn’t aware that Remedy floated at all, although could be a while since we see it due to being an EU (Finnish) stock.

I know they’re working on the campaign for CrossfireX which is interesting, although I’m still unsure how that’s going to fare or what percentage of profits they will earn from it. Not sure if they’re working on anything else right now though, and although I adored Alan Wake and Quantum Break wasn’t bad, they haven’t exactly been games that pushed boundaries in terms of sales.

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I head about it from Mathew Ball speaking on Invest Like the Best (probably the best investing podcast there is in my opinion). Sounded like the Epic deal changes things for the company.