Anyone else have a Gaming related portfolio?

My investments so far consist of:

Activision Blizzard
Unity Software
Take Two

My watchlist:

Electronic Arts

Any thoughts or suggestions?


CORSAIR (CRSR) - Parent company of Scuf gaming and Elgato. Two great brands in the space. In their own right Corsair branded products seem to be in high demand. Current issue is with shipping and logistics (as with any other hardware plays), until this goes away its hard for me to overly bullish.

Another intersting one is HUYA Inc (HUYA)
One of the leading game live streaming platforms in China. Risky in the design of share ownership (or lack of as with any Chinese stock you can invest in outside the mainland) but if it gets back down to ~$8 I’d be interested again. Gaming is such a big industry that no country can afford to completely shun it. Ban on kids playing may see an increase in viewership (until that gets targeted)

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Great suggestions. I’ve considered both and will keep a close eye on them.

Last year I suggested Ubisoft to be added but haven’t received any news on that one.

I would say GME but I would be a shill

Ubisoft is listed on Euronext Paris, when the European Rollout happens, it will probably be added then.

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ESGB is a good ETF for the ones you can’t get yet.


Do we have a date for the European rollout?

any time from Summer 2018


Yes, though I ditched Activision Blizzard as it sounds like they have a toxic culture with sexual harassment being common place.

I think Microsoft have good potential in the gaming space as they own some solid IPs.

Team 17 is also looking promising, they have made some interesting acquisitions into the edutainment space.

I think AMD could also see growth depending on how well the Steam Deck performs.

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I’m hoping Activision Blizzard fixes those problems. Must be a major factor in delaying releases like Diablo and Overwatch.


I’ve thought about Roblox a few times but waiting for it to drop a fair bit before I get tempted

If Italy is included in the European expansion (not sure if they are), Digital Bros could be a watch, they own the 505 Games brand which publishes a mix of games.

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$SEA and $EBET seem like good picks for a gaming focused investor.

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Team 17, Tinybuild, Frontier Development. Would say Sumo Group but Tencent recently bought them.

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I’d like to buy Frontier but just waiting to get it at a better price.

I’d get in soon. They are working on new IP which could shoot their stock price. That’s all I’m going to say.

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I’ve had a brief look. They’ve announced 3 new titles for year 2022 and onwards.