Gaming Industry Stocks

Any investors out there with an interest in this field? Curious to know what you guys have chosen to invest in and also what new stocks we could suggest to FT.

I’m still doing my research! This article shows there is a lot more to it than just esports:

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Great read thank you. The chart shows 8 sectors to invest in. My portfolio had 3/8 mainly due to the lack of stocks available on FT.

Can’t believe AMD isn’t listed on that chart, considering they will be selling the chips for PlayStation, Xbox and probably most gaming PCs going forward (well perhaps a minority of GPUs, we’ll see).


It is stated later on in the article instead of Intel
“Then there are hardware providers such as Nvidia and AMD who develop the graphics processing units (GPUs) and System-on-Chips (SoCs), crucial components for gaming monitors, mobiles and consoles.”

Just discovered VanEck Gaming & E-Sports stock has been placed behind FT plus paywall. Opinions…?

All non ishares/vanguard are behind the paywall, it’s not a special case. Are there any esports etfs that fit that category?

Ah I see… I don’t know much about it. Was just interested in the stock and found it behind the Plus subscription.

I have Van eck elsewhere and on here I have gfinity who have high profile ventures / partnerships covering various Egame genres.

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I’ll have a look into gfinity. Esports still has so much room to grow.

Did some googling this morning about the gaming industry and this ad pops up on youtube…

I used to own Huya, which is basically a Chinese Twitch. Profitable, cheap valuation. The only issue is the US threatening to cancel Chinese ADRs, that uncertainty is also why I sold.

I’m currently watching that stock also. That is a downside although I think the Chinese gaming industry will still continue to perform. I think a new wave of crypto gaming will enter the fray and china will be set up nicely for that.

Mind PMing me what broker you used for Van eck?