Square enix - 9684

With the new trailer for the heavily anticipated ff7 remake having just dropped and how great it looks I am itching to invest in them before it releases.
Anyone agree?
Please add this company.

Some more info:

As you can see the trailer has 600,000 views in around 24 hours. The game is still months out from release so I expect the trailer to have around 3-5 million views before then. The original FF7 was a flagship exclusive for the original playstation and was an overwhelming critical and commercial success and has sold over 11 million units world-wide. The remake is NOT a remaster but a full and complete remake. This is one of the most anticipated remakes in videogame history and, what’s more, owing to the length of the original, is going to be released as a trilogy. Three games. If the first is decent then the next two are pretty much guaranteed to do well.

Square Enix have some other great IP under their banner such as Kingdom Hearts and their recent release of Final Fantasy XV sold 8.1 million copies. Their share price has slumped recently due to slow sales and so is way down on highs of 5.3k YEN. That being said this seems like a great time to invest in Square Enix and they’re forecasting a 28.5% increase over the next year or so.

Please vote!

I just voted I’m a final fantasy fan and this is a huge opportunity for investors, need to make people aware of this opportunity, definitely one of the biggest anticipated games to come, will no doubt have some kind of success, but do we not need a Japan expansion or can they just add stocks as freetrade please?

I am pretty gutted we can’t buy these in freetrade. This is only going up once next quarter results are out. I honestly don’t know why it’s taking so many years for freetrade to get Japanese stocks sorted out.