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Not sure if its been requested before on here, tried to search it and found nothing? (apologies if it was/has been requested) Only other Japanese tech firm I saw was Nintendo. I’m sure the reason for Japanese firms not being available is FT not having access to the Nikkei, but I would hope and request that this is something FT would be striving to acquire as we would be missing out on some big firms.

Reason for Sony being, despite their other products falling in popularity (laptops, music players, etc) They are still being held up by the PlayStation and with the new PS5 coming next year there could be a big surge of sales for this next gen console. If it has the same success as the PS4 did, then it could be lucrative to hold a good lot of shares with them.

Interested to hear what everyone else thinks?

Sony has a US listing. It’s available on Freetrade.

Sony has done very well because of the PS4 and camera sensors. I missed out, despite mostly investing in tech, because my mental image of Sony was always tarnished by their other businesses like TV, mobile, and entertainment.

A new console generation is a risk, consoles are not high margin items, it’s the services and game-licensing fees that make the money.

I was thinking about this recently. I’m struggling to think about new features a ps5 would have that would merit a surge in sales. It’s still a while off a launch and there are moves towards streaming games that have less computing demand the users end.

Graphics. That was always and will always be the selling point. Once there is a new gen console, I will buy it.
The new PS will be backwards compatible for the first time as well.

Take with a pinch of salt but I saw this on Reddit last week. A PS5 dev kit apparently

Yea saw the pics of that a while back. Really hope that is ONLY the dev kit console and not the final product, as it ain’t easy on the eyes that’s for sure!

As mentioned above, the allure of new graphics and new games (exclusives like 2nd God of War which we all know they’ll make) will all factor into it getting sales, as some of the PS4 only titles have been smash hits - Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn.

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The car looks good. Maybe Sony should just make cars. All EVs outside of Tesla basically look awful.


Sony holdings. Held few shares in Sony for about a year now. Great margins in the stock and skimmed some profit around the 100$ mark.

Interesting to have seen a Sony design a electric car. Will they try to jump into this industry? It would seem they have plans to contribute in some degree, but not actually produce cars themselves.

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Graph needs fixing, I believe it got messed up since the ticker changed from SNE to SONY the other day.

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Please could someone correct the Ticker symbol of the discussion to match that in app? ($SONY)

Sony have really invested heavily into their PlayStation brand as of late, they’ve purchased Bungie (Creators of Halo & Destiny franchises) for roughly 3.6 billion U.S. dollars, and yesterday announced the acquisition of Haven Entertainment Studios headed up by Jade Raymond one of the creators behind Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs.

As a gamer it’s really nice to see Sony investing so much money into the PlayStation ecosystem as well as hiring top talent for their games.

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