Shareholder Ballot Lightyear

I have a small holding with Lightyear and noticed they sent a shareholder ballot vote link for my shareholding in Disney stock. I’ve not seen this with Freetrade but curious about voting rights and is that something that should or is available in Freetrade and maybe I’ve missed it. Personally not a big deal to me but it may be for others. Seems to be powered by


Have you heard anything back from FT on this topic?

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FT has announced it will enable proxy voxing for US stocks ‘very soon’. I haven’t seen much detail besides this product update from the recent meet-up:


I’ve had these on other platforms but not something that really excites me. Pretty much a waste of effort clicking into them given most companies of any size will have most of their stock held by institutional investors (~65% for Disney) who will usually vote as recommended by the board.

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Are you sure they usual vote the way the board tell them?
Legal and general have voted literally 1000s of times against the board.
No women or ethnic on the board they vote against.

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