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hi FT team :slight_smile:

I recently ran into an issue: I wanted to vote on questions to be asked on a conference call, but (which handles companies’ questions from retail investors) does not yet recognise Freetrade and thus I cannot vote with shares I hold on Freetrade.

Not urgent, but I would love this to be solved.
Have you contacted them yet? Is this going to be possible?



can I get an update on this, please?

More and more companies are starting to use, and being able to vote is an important part of being a shareholder.

Were you looking at instead? does not exist.

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yesss thanks

@Freetrade_Team any updates on if this is important to you guys?
I feel like as your mission is partly about empowering the individual investor, it would make sense to help people exercise their shareholder rights!

thanks :slight_smile:

Its important to them as it used to be offered manually when they had a lot less stocks. Its not offered now because they’re presumably trying to embed it into the app so it applies to all stocks. Better that than saying it applies to GME but not some small miner etc which wouldn’t really be fair.

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Any chance we can get an update on this?

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Non required shareholder actions, I believe that’s what Adam called them on the last AMA, are going to be coming on line when they can get them right (and have enough engineers to build it out) it’s not on the roadmap right now so I’d expect 12+ months but that’s only an opinion.

So far we have not seen FT integrate with out platforms where giving up access to the API is required. The goals FT have would dwarf niche services the one listed but as with Rome, it wasn’t built in a day.

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