Rights issues / Corporate Actions

As of 9th March 2021, Freetrade cannot support elective Corporate Action events, including Rights Issues, at this time.

How on earth is this okay?

A share trading platform that that doesn’t allow PIs to take up rights they are entitled to?

This is literally costing me/people real significant money.


The irony of the 3 new “blank cheque” firms just being added as well :joy: There really should be a warning when buying that you are not actually buying the full share+rights when purchasing if that is the case.

I got no issue with that as I would just change my portfolio majorly and I would then open a new account elsewhere for these features but it should be CLEAR.

It’ll be good to understand the reasoning behind withdrawing support for rights issues as FT have previously supported this. For example, ITM power on Oct 2020 for £2.35.

Is this due to some technical or process challenges?

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Exactly my point :+1: when I joined I read they did this and have bought with this in mind. Now I see a 2 sentence blog post for such a big change :joy: and when you search the subject it is not the first time asked with no answers.

Whatever the reason FT should just be honest and open as all they have done is invite bad PR and upset members when they are doing so much right! I am MASSIVELY pro FT but this isn’t great is an understatement.

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