Ability to Take Up Rights Issues, Open Offers etc

I am somewhat at a loss why the above is not currently possible to do on FT and, as it is not, why it is not a clearly signposted priority on FT’s roadmap. I have taken quite a few largeish positions and what with the way things are going a rights issue is not out of the Q on one or two of my shareholdings but in my FT portfolio there is nothing I can presently do. I also have a modest shareholding in Aston Martin and I, it was confirmed today, cannot avail myself of the rights issue and will have to forgo my shareholder entitlement because of FT’s inability to process such.

I have been a big fan of FT and supported most raises since Round 2 and am their number 50-odd customer. Please sort this out FT as this is a serious and potentially investor costly disadvantage.

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