Proxy vote

Allowing share holders to be able to vote during share holders meeting. When invested in a company a shareholder should be able to vote, using a proxy voting system, however this currently does not exist, with enough votes this can be added to freetrade allowing users to vote during the annual shareholder meeting of the company that you hold shares for.

This was posted a couple of years ago, would think that it would apply here - not sure if it’s still the case. Personally I think it’s pretty much a waste of time for individual investors to bother voting. Other than things like remuneration proposals everything else is likely to get a yes from institutional investors.


This should absolutely be integrated by now guys - if you are a shareholder, you have a right to a shareholder vote. I read what Rob Sexton wrote above here on July '18, yet I have had multiple chats with customer support recently, one of which mentioned that you cannot vote in a shareholders vote via Freetrade.

Any updates to this please, and if what you suggest above is correct Rob, how best to approach this manual effort from yourselves?



Come on your bigger competitor t212 has just allowed it. Please implement it too