Let's talk the mechanics behind sharevoting

Hi all.

Firstly please do not consider this to be a request a feature topic.

I’m here to discuss the mechanics behind sharevoting.

Firstly I’d like to discuss why many discount brokers (incl FT) appear to have trouble with setting up sharevoting on UK market shares in particular?

With US market shares it seems possible. I have already voted when it comes to shares I hold on stake and from what I have came to understand (IIRC) Orca shall offer voting on US market shares but not UK market shares.

Of course this shows there is some wider logistical issue, at least with UK market shares.

As for EU market shares I can’t yet comment as there are many countries involved. For now I shall refrain from discussing it but I’m sure we can discuss it once more knowledge becomes available.

It costs the broker time and money. We, however, don’t pay the broker (much). Why would the broker offer this (since nobody who uses freetrade has enough shares to matter anyways)?

There’s no reason beyond cost that I would be aware of.


It’s possible with some other brokers - I get to vote on AGM issues for my UK stocks held with AJBell.

I have the same with Interactive Investor (who I am with until FT get the Nationality Declaration stocks issue resolved) and have voted - would be interesting to understand what the additional costs would be to FT but in time it should just be part if the cost of doing business.
Some companies do have a large retail investor base and there may be occasions when voting could be effective in a merger/takeover situation or just to make a protest over remuneration etc

I vote in the general elections even though there is not a hope in hell of dislodging the encumbent but makes me feel that I have tried.


While I can work without it if need be.

For me it’s always been the principle.

My eyes are wide open to the fact that your 40 £BP shares are never going to outvote institutional investors and even if you go big and buy more than 1000 shares of this stock, your voting rights will mean little in the grander scheme of things.

For example purposes (feel free to swap out £BP for any ticker of your choice)

It’s nice to be asked though and maybe I’m a little old values (even for a 32 year old) when it comes to this issue

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Earlier in FT there were a few votes where they just sent out a google form. But now there’s so many more stocks available and users it would be far more complex.

If it were to be done, it would have to be done bit-by-bit.

It would not be very logistical to try and allow all stocks to be voted on at once. Both us and freetrade know this.

It’s still possible even if it’s done in tranches.

As a link to this what about all the other perks for being a shareholder. I own some shares from a company I worked for years ago and every year they send me a book of discount vouchers for their restaurants. Another gives me preferential hotel rates. Do we get these with FT?