AGMs, voting and shareholder benefits


Apologies if already covered.

Given that shares are held in nominee accounts, will Freetrade be able to vote on the likes of Unilever’s relocation on behalf of users with shares in that company? Aviva were vocally against that Unilever plan, so spoke on behalf of all its pension customers. If so, how will Freetrade make decisions on how to vote? Or are the shares held by another broker higher up who would be doing that?

Secondly on the likes of AGMs and shareholder benefits, will there be any process for users to attend (if permitted by the company since that varies)/take benefit of these? This seems to differ between stockbrokers, so was wondering what Freetrade’s policy will be.

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Your last point is covered at the end of this. Basically ask in app for now

Not sure how AGM would work but presumably the same