Does buying a share on freetrade mean I can go to the company's AGM?

E.g. Debenhams or McDonald’s?

I think the rights associated with a share remain the same regardless of the broker you choose to use to buy the shares. So I would assume you could attend. Whether you would have voting rights or not…

More on this in the following link

As Raul says, owning these stocks would enable you to attend in theory. But I’m afraid you won’t be able to attend company’s AGMs at the moment, although we’ll consider enabling this sort of thing in the future. Unfortunately this requires a lot of administration so while we’re a small company, we’ll focus on prioritising other things instead. We’ve explained some of the challenges in more detail here -



How do Shareholder vote and AGM attendance work with shares purchased through Freetrade?

Do you have to have x amount in order to be able to vote and attend AGM’s?


We’ve shared some info about AGMs & voting in this topic so I’ve moved your post over. I hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

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On a similar note, are we able to get shareholder perks? For instance Fullers and Greene King have shareholder discount cards for large holdings. I believe it is up to the shareholder to contact the registrar to claim.

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Not at the moment I’m afraid -

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My aim is to turn up to a big company like Coca Cola with my 0.001 fractional share displayed on my badge. Maybe veto some new drinks flavours as well.


It could be an alpha perk, when holding>X :man_shrugging: