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Same. I assume that many people feel like this meme (me 100%).


Suppose there is a bit of a risk of the quality being diluted but at least they own the content and have the capacity to churn stuff out.

There is an outrageous amount of BBC Iplayer content and the like on Netflix.

Might as well be called Simpsons+ for me tbf… I unsubbed in May purely down to there not being more content. I would consider it again when the Marvel stuff comes out though

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I have a few shares - but I don’t currently subscribe. Subscription fatigue. I’d rather buy Mandalorian out-right on Apple TV and be done with it.

I really dislike Disney as an organisation, even more so since they’ve become so unfathomly large after buying 20th Century Fox. I dislike them for their relentless assult on copyright expiration - they’re only shooting themselves in the foot by using it as an excuse to milk existing characters/films instead of constantly innovating - eg the 47 new Star Wars films, the live action movie remakes of their old animations etc

I think Mickey Mouse is currently due to enter the public domain in 2023. I hope they don’t try and extend it again but I’m sure they’ll have some other legal trick up their sleeve to stop it being a free for all with any old company making Mickey Mouse merch.

I’d happily put Disney on my list of “companies so large that they strangle the market and should be broken up”, that said American greed appears to be totally limitless so maybe it is a good investment.


This is actually partly why I originally invested, as a hedge. If the abuse of copyright goes on I want to at least profit from it.

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This is pretty shady

Disney seems to think having bought the rights to these books it doesn’t have to pay Royalties to the author.

Alan Dean Foster must have had a contract with Lucasfilm. surely Disney can’t just ignore it?

Ethics much?

Not really sure I get your point, this is just like when you bet on an event you don’t want to occur as a hedge. You don’t want it to happen, you just want to offset the loss if it does.

I guess quite a few people will be thinking about unsubscribing. They might be planning a Hulu type service add-on outside of America but will people pay? At the end of the day Disney+ will not be profitable for a long time as they’ll need to plough those subs right back into content. There’s also that big copyright cloud hanging ahead and I see that as a liability regardless of what happens.

At the end of the day it’s a money minting machine whether we like it or not so I would not be surprised to see it push $200 soon but I don’t think I’d bother staying on.

I found your phrasing amusing because it sounds like ‘I don’t want bad things to happen but I do want to profit from bad things’. I mean that in a good natured way, not as a criticism.

Copyright law is so complex that it’s difficult to insert a moral standing either way. Content creators deserve to have their work protected and it’s difficult to argue against increased protections, but at the same time there is a feeling that large corporations don’t deserve the same protections.

I don’t think the copyright expiration will have any effect on Disney financially. All it really means is that shows like Family Guy will be able to use the character without paying any money to Disney.
As it is right now any show wanting to use Mickey Mouse will create something which is obviously a copy but is legally distinct so Disney doesn’t get any money anyway.
Or they claim exemption to the copyright by using the character as a critisim like South Park did.

Ah ok I see, that’s a fair point. I guess owning shares of Disney is technically showing support for their practices.

In general though I think it makes sense to bet against outcomes you like so you get a more neutral result either way (as long as doing so doesn’t affect the outcome).

I don’t think that’s the take here. This is about things that should have fallen in to the public domain decades ago, regardless of big corporation vs individual. I really don’t get why you need 70 years of monopoly after the creator’s death. I don’t think anyone is writing books just because they know their family will hold the copyright for 70 years after they die and wouldn’t bother creating any new works if they knew there was only half a century in it for the kids.

Copyright just seems out of whack when compared to other areas of intellectual property and I don’t think it’s entirely a coincidence that Disney is such a big beneficiary of this.

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86.8m subscribers up from 73m announced in their q4 earnings… up 5% after hours


glances at netflix p/e ah dont worry we still have another $300bn or so still to run.
Joking aside the announcements today kind of show how this is one of those must own stocks regardless of what you think. I mean look at this 7,462 projects in pipeline shits just ridiculous https://news.avclub.com/marvel-moana-and-more-all-the-disney-investor-day-ne-1845856157

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Yeah the valuation isn’t crazy, if they recover to EPS of ~$8 where they were pre-rona then it’s still only a forward P/E of ~20 - still high by Disney standards, but that’s the same story for everything else really.

I hovered over ‘buy’ last week when I realised we (and presumably millions of others) are never not going to have Disney+ going forward, just gutted I didn’t pull the trigger. I think I’ll still increase my position, I’ll just average it across a few buys to try and catch some dips.

They are also raising prices for the subscription

Yeah with the Disney+ Star expansion I’m really not surprised, this was the game all along and with Netflix at 9.99 there’s room for even more price hikes.

If we take Disney’s new lower estimate of 230m by 2024 at the new higher average subscription price of ~$8.50 we get about $23.5bn annually (more than the entire studio division) and Disney plans to invest $15bn in content by that year so with the other ~$5bn OpEx thats $3.5bn in profit, more than 75% greater than Netflix’s expected FCF for 2020 with not that much more subscribers.


Hi guys, hope you’re all well?

Admin please remove if not ok.

I’m pretty new to investing, just set up my FreeTrade account and im actually really excited to get stuck in and learn!

Ive read all the above(lol) and Disney looks really promising. With the current price, would it be worth investing into or waiting for the dip?

Im only going to be starting with fractional shares for the time being

Hopefully can get some good feedback or advise etc! :slight_smile:


Welcome Paul :raised_hands:

If I were you I would use a dollar cost average method when starting to invest. This basically means you split your investment across multiple weeks or months, buying X amount every Monday for example.

After a while you will build a level of confidence as to what a good entry point into a stock may be.

I made some profit on Disney earlier in the year and cashed out, but I’ve decided to buy back in with a small position earlier today.

Hope that helps!


We can not give advise but if investing fractional shares, should you go £5, £5, £5 and then if there is a dip, you can average down on the dip and go £10, £10… and then back to your £5…