Diversification advice

Intending on opening a Stocks and Shares ISA (effectively the UK equivalent of a Roth IRA used for equity investing, for any Americans out there) with Freetrade, with my first investment being an index fund, pursuing a dollar cost averaging / drip feed strategy.

Given the volatility of sterling right now, should I prioritise a US oriented index fund rather than a FTSE one?

Or should I treat the sterling crisis as short term noise and instead diversify, via Freetrade, using a fund that invests in UK, US and global equities?

I earn £30,000 per annum at my current employer (who have a performance linked bonuses structure in place for which I am eligible), have about £60,000 in savings, have £3,416.85 as of 24th September 2022 from my previous workplace pension, and have no debt whatsoever, either short- or long-term (I did not pursue tertiary education).

Currently, I am 27 years of age.

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