Emoov on Crowdcube

(Big Boss) #22

Local Property Experts. Fancy name for real estate agents.

(Donald Philp) #23
  1. Don’t invest for investment’s sake
  2. Invest in your core competence
  3. Be patient
  4. Be patient
  5. Be patient

My 2 cents


So how many people on here actually did invest in emoov?

(Alex Sherwood) #25

Let’s try making that a poll -

  • I invested
  • emwhat?

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(Vladislav Kozub) #26

Confession: only £100 just in case it will skyrocket, who knows :roll_eyes:


Great idea.
PS. I did.
Was wondering if anyone else got an email from Crowdcube about the investment. Thoughts…

(Alex Sherwood) #28

I didn’t invest so I didn’t get it, you sound like you might be slightly concerned there though..I’m curious to hear what this is about now :sweat_smile:


Ha. Not concerned. Haven’t had an email like it though but not sure it’s for public sharing, need to review if it should be cohfidential.

so what better way to find out some other investor feedback than to post cryptically on this forum :joy:


You could try encrypting it…maybe with a simple Caesar shift :joy:

(Maarten) #31

I invested, but didn’t get any emails…? Now I’m curious.


:blush: maybe it was just me then. Haven’t you received the standard email from crowdcube saying they’re ready to take the funds?

Anyway… seems like I may be the only one but it would seem that they are going to dish out more shares than was expected for your investment. Does affect the market value so given a lot of the comments here, I would have thought that it would have affected peoples decisions had they disclosed a lower mvalue during the pitch,

(Maarten) #34

I got the reviewing your investment one, but that was seemingly the last. Sounds like it would of been useful information to know…


In that one there was a note from emoov. I’ll put something on the discussion section of it on Crowdcube if it’ll let me.

(Christopher) #36

Email screenshot below:

(Chris) #37

Shouldn’t a merger increase the value?


I notice they had to cut off parts of their advertising campaign (possibly because it was so bad?). “At emoov we’re revolting” is now edited out but still a very poor pitch.

Purplebricks absolutely nailing it with their “commisery” campaign.

Something doesn’t feel right about Emoov as an investment opportunity. Personally I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, but I could be wrong and good luck if you did invest.

(Christopher) #39

Quick heads up :point_right:t3: the deadline for withdrawing or amending your commitment to invest is tonight at 23.59, as per the Crowdcube email.


As if halving the valuation during the crowd pitch wasn’t enough of a saga…

Emoov puts itself up for sale!

(Big Boss) #41

Yikes, that’s so bad! Things can move fast in the startup and business world but I feel terrible for investors that were mis-sold an IPO! Instead they’ve got an emergency asset sale! :pensive:


Let’s see whether the sale price is halved again? On the plus side the way it’s gone, if it sells for even a couple of million above the valuation previously it would still mean a 5% increase after a few months. Worry will be if it goes any less and imo might open themselves to legal challenge if there were clear indicators that weren’t shared during the crowd raise.