[Crowdfunding] Abundance Investment

Anyone have any experience using this company? Just come across them as one of my crowdfund companies is using them for a debenture (Orbital Marine)

Looks interesting, but can’t see all the info without signing up so thought I would see what everyone thinks.

I made a small investment with them (under £1k) back in March 2015 in Oakapple Two (a portfolio of solar panels on new build homes, a block of flats and a cricket club). My return is 7.25% and all income/capital has been paid on time.

I would have invested more (and in other projects) but have been concentrating on my ISAs.

I may take another look at them to see what’s available to invest in - thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

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Cheers - do they pay the returns to your bank, or back in to your portfolio? Just asking as they do an ISA portfolio now, so would be good to keep the money under the wrapper.

The dividends in my ISA get paid directly into the ISA, which means I re-invest them and benefit from the compounding. It is only the fee that is outside the ISA, that comes off my credit card monthly.

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I didn’t think there were any fees? I thought the company you are lending to pays the fee?

The returns are paid into your Abundance account as cash and I’ve just been withdrawing that (to invest in my ISA).

ISAs weren’t available back then when I first invested.

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I meant the freetrade £3 monthly fee.

Ah, sorry - we were talking about Abundance.

For FT I don’t pay any fees either, as I’m lucky enough to get it free for life :smiley:

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