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Real estate investment trust. Data centre provider for AWS and other cloud services.

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this would be a good one :slight_smile:

As one of the best performing stocks of he century - why is it not an option? Please please add!

It’s another major US REIT that Freetrade appear to be struggling to get on the platform and no update as to when we will get any of them or if they are even working on it. Other providers have them on their platforms and also available in ISA wrappers so unsure what the issue is but hopefully the sooner the better and an update or plan of action in regards to this from Freetrade would be greatly appreciated.

Please add Equinix!

I think EQIX has been added, so the thread could do with converting to a stock discussion.

Anyway, Jim Chanos has revealed a short position against Reits like EQIX and DLR…