ETF & Tesla

Does Anyone know if there is an ETF on Freetrade atm which has Tesla in it?, canโ€™t afford to buy a whole share atm :grinning:

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I think a very small percentage of Nasdaq 100 ( EQQQ ) is Tesla, although I canโ€™t easily confirm on a mobile. The current price of this is around ยฃ145.

About 5% of Scottish Mortgage Trust is made up of Tesla. Although this isnโ€™t a ETF, and itโ€™s objectives are different. Still worth a look.

Of course the usual disclaimers, like do your own research apply.


NASDAQ 100 includes Tesla and many others. But not sure what your aim is here?

Research is good, just be careful as they will only have a very small amount of Tesla stock in them,Tesla could quadruple in value and you not see any movement (or even loses). On the flip side Tesla could tank and the over etf/fund could grow. Unless you trust the whole theme/strategy of the etf or Trust I would steer clear of buying one just because it has a stock your unable to buy at the moment.


I believe Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust has about 5% in Tesla.

Scottish Mortgage Trust has some of Tesla. Though not an ETF

Yeah, I said that in my original comment

Some fun facts about Scottish Mortgage Trust ( SMT ) & Tesla. Tesla shares make up around 5.3% of SMT. SMT has 1,995,000 Tesla shares as of 31/03/19 which means they own around 1.25% of Tesla. SMT is a Baillie Gifford and Company trust, who happen to be the second largest Tesla shareholder with around 7.62% of Tesla.


ARKK, ARKW are actively managed ETFs, with 0.75% fee, that are very overweight Tesla (8-10% weight). Not on Freetrade (yet) though!