[Feature Request 🔧] FX impact

Using both T212 and Freetrade, I’ve noticed when investing in US stocks, T212 not only tells me my gain/loss but also the FX impact on my investment. Is there such a feature on Freetrade that I’m missing? If not this would be a great help and would reflect investment values better

Would be a nice feature to have

That would be nice.

I like the idea of this sometimes right after you buy it shows -0.2% which is likely due to the FX impact. Showing this as a breakdown would be perfect! :ok_hand:

i think Freetrade may be making a bit of money on Fx, so doubt this revenue generating “feature” will go away. 0.45% is like paying for gas on Ether(eum) trades, which is not ideal i suppose.

Quick search - people have asked for this before. Im using brokers that hold money in Us dollars for me, so I take an Fx hit when I withdraw US into a bank account or when I fund my trading a/c. I also get to see exactly how much Im paying for Fx conversion.

I agree. I don’t see why FT would show this.

I just wanted to say I agree with this. USD/GBP has been fluctuating wildly recently, so freetrade shows my individual stock returns moving significantly, sometimes much more so than the underlying stock has actually moved. Understanding what proportion of the daily change is FX and what is actual stock return would be useful.


Agreed, I would prefer to see everything in $ so I can see the actual business performance and not a reaction to the $/£ as I am in long term. The option to see all in both would be great. :+1:

It would be good to have this feature. It is a useful feature to have. Thank you.

Voted. It seems crazy to only see this information once you’ve bought, instead of on the live quote screen.