[Feature Request 🔧] Public API & Algo Trading

Dunno if Twitter’s API is the best example @heytokyo , because it looks a bit like Tw has gradually constrained theirs over the years to the point of diminishing its dev community :slight_smile: . But anyway you are right, APIs can be good and a multiplier. I believe an API is still in Freetrade’s plans.

I’m still not sure what “algorithmic trading” is. Is it something that would automate stock selection and portfolio construction for you?

“a survey revealed that 80% of new investors wanted a trading bot” - sounds interesting, can you link to the survey @changc ?

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Yes, Algorithmic Trading is about automatically executing orders based no a previously programmed strategy.

However, I totally agree with the idea of being able to automate trading even on a more basic level. Personally, I manage my portfolio through Google Sheets, which pulls live share prices and a few other useful values. So far, I use conditional formatting to give me buy/sell alerts, but then I need to do the trading myself. Sure, it’s not a big deal, but often I don’t notice, have time, procrastinate or for any other reason do not trade. Having an option to automate would be great.

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