I am still to start my investment journey. Could you answer a question for me?
I am starting with 50 pounds. I want to invest in reits, and index funds and some other shares. I want to know say I buy tribex big box reit. It comes with ongoing fees, and so do the other index funds. If I buy them and I have money in my account, do they take the fees from my balance? what if I don’t have any funds will this then bill my bank account?

No the fees are built into the price, you won’t pay them directly. The only fee you’d pay is the FX when you buy and sell.

That’s great, thanks.

Those fees (identified as ‘OCF’, ongoing charges figure, or ‘TER’, total expense ratio, in the fund or ETF documentation) are almost invisible to you, they aren’t explicitly deducted from you personally, but they reduce the overall value of the ETF and reduce your return on investment. The fee is retained by the management company, and means that the price of the ETF grows less than it otherwise would have done, which means that your return on investment will be slightly less than it would otherwise have been if the fee had been smaller. So it’s worthwhile comparing ETFs with an eye on their fees along with everything else.

Thank you very much.

If it’s a USA $ share - not for UK shares (sorry if stating the obvious - but thought I should to avoid confusion).

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