Ferrexpo ⛏ FXPO - Stock Discussion

This is a mining firm, selling iron ore pellets. Ferrexpo operate an open pit iron ore mine, processing and selling for use in the production of steel.

Pretty impressive growth recently. Superb P/E ratio, seems to be doing okay finance wise, and they’re marked as a value stock.

I’m jealous of anyone investing in them since last year, you’d be making a mint!

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Special dividend news today after good financials for the year.

Getting in on this for the dividend alone :rofl::+1:t2:

Special dividend of 28.5p per share paid out today.

Been some huge fluctuations over the month. Seems to bouncing between 360-380, doesn’t look like it will settle down any time soon.

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Only bought this 2 days ago, when was th ex div for special? Would I be eligible :thinking:

Ex date was 25th March, so I think you’ve missed this one unfortunately.

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Hopefully another special this year then at some point :+1:t2: thanks for info

The dividend was nice but the 35% tax wasn’t. I sold my holding last week as I was concerned about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. That may hold the price back for the foreseeable future. I may buy back in once it calms down as it’s a solid company when you ignore the geopolitical stuff.

Must got a good dividend didn’t know you paid tax on them :scream: I just thought would be part of £12,500 capitol gains and I presume it’s a self employed basic or gov automatically just take it? :thinking:

It’s the Swiss Withholding Tax.

I’m told due to the ‘Double Tax Treaty’ between the UK and Switzerland it may be possible to reclaim 4/7th leaving a tax of 15%. Not entirely sure how to raise the claim but can try and find out.

Worth the hassle if it’s a big amount.

If this is in a SIPP then I’m told you’d need the SIPP administration to raise this which FT / lot of other brokers don’t support.

I don’t see the Russian/Ukraine tensions as playing a part in the company’s futures right now and selling on that anticipation seems to be jumping the gun tbh.

That would be appreciated. The wording seems to imply if you don’t pay tax on the dividends in the UK then you can’t claim it back, which if I understand it right would mean you can’t claim back on an ISA protected dividend?

But that doesn’t sound right to me, I have no idea regarding taxes to be honest, I was caught a bit off guard by the 35% tax since I had just assumed the ISA dealt with that! :stuck_out_tongue: Live and learn etc.

£2000 earning before tax buy apparently goes on wages aswell read before :thinking:

Interim dividend declared;

13.2 cents per share, will be paid out on 1st July.

Ex-Dividend date, 17th June.

Just so you’re aware.


:thinking: :thinking: Thanks!

It runs out you need to fill out three copies of Swiss tax form 86 and send them to the UK tax office to certify you are a UK tax payer. You then send the first two copies of the claim to the Swiss taxman together with evidence that the Swiss withholding tax has come out of your account. You’ll get a refund (in Swiss francs) but this can take several months to process.

FXPO have more details on this in their website:

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I can see this hitting a fiver very soon the way its going :pound:

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Hope so

Well i only bought in on the 12th of April @£3.59 a share and it’s gone up just over a quid in that time… It’s looking promising fingers :crossed_fingers:

I was a bit later at 3.80