Freetrade Competitors

Think you have missed my point Danny, I was simply saying that what Freetrade provide for the 11.99 is fair value.

Everyone situation and investing journey is different, so naturally there will be ‘cheaper’ options based on your individual requirements.

I originally had my ISA with Vangaurd, when Freetrade had their transfer offer on I received a free £300 share, my overall platform fees were reduced and I had access to all of the stocks. The free share will pay my ISA fee for over 4 years. It was a no brainer for me.


What’s their community forum like?


Everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t make everyone right…

You keep accusing t212 of the same thing and it is just plain incorrect. If you have any proof then put it out there (screen shots of their forum is not proof!). Not understanding how prices are displayed across different brokers and sources is also not proof that they are padding the spread. Your accusation is no different to the incorrect accusation about FT here:

There are reasons to not like t212 (Eden has given some fair reasons) but your reasons are not fair or correct (unless you have evidence to the contrary).

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Where is my ‘accusation’?

I’m fully aware that portals all say different prices. But if I’m presented a FT screen to buy a share for £13.95 and end up paying £14.20- that’s a very simple reason to use a limit order instead.

There’s another simple solution, don’t fulfil the order if the price has changed.

Try use your words more carefully, saying there’s an “accusation” based on the rest of your post content looks like you’re using my post for ammo against another user.

No I was just linking to a relevant topic and your post just happened to be the last comment. I wasn’t making any comment on your use of limit orders (as should be obvious from my post which is nothing to do with using limit orders).

I’d already changed the link to make that more clear.

The correct link to the thread is Sale Price Different to Actual

The point of my posts is that I prefer FT because it costs me less to trade on it. This is not an opinion and this is neither an accusation.
By the way, the forum screenshot I posted is there to illustrate my point; it’s not made to accuse or to….prosecute (in advance, FT, it’s a joke)

How are you working out that it costs you less?

The way I do it is: I buy 10 shares of a Beta company (instant order) at £50 on FT and I buy 10 shares of the same Beta company (also in instant order) at £50 on another platform/broker, all at around the same time (within 5 minutes with similar price with no or negligible change in share price of Beta) then, I look at which one is cheaper per share and/ or which one is cheaper per total order. In repeat the experiment 3 times and from that standpoint, I can conclude which platform is cheaper than the other.

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Erm I don’t think that would work - You have to buy it at the exact same (aka Milliseconds aparts)

You might need to script it to that

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I haven’t tried it. If I get a chance, I’ll do, use 2 phones and press the buy button at the same time. And the script is, i will try on some of those non volatile stocks (the one that don’t move for hours) to see how much of a difference those milliseconds would make.
With that kind of speed, that’s probably about a different type of broker all together and I haven’t tried those type platforms, no.

Even if you could execute the trade at exactly the same time you don’t prove anything - unless you can guarantee the same execution venue with the same seller offering the same price. What your seeing is normal variance in the market, nothing sinister or anything to do with a padded spread.


Well, by the same token, I can “rebut” your “claim” since one likes using judicial terms.
What you said that doesn’t prove anything either, you didn’t show any proofs nor did you show any inside knowledge about the operations of the other platform. Until you do so, I can not believe you either:). Unless you can demonstrate that you have privy information (that can be independently verified by a trusted source) about the inner details of the other platforms, I have some serious doubts about what you say therefore I cannot assume that you know exactly how those platforms function.

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Looking forward to seeing the results of your experiment.

I don’t believe you’ll see a difference, but as I say I’m keen to see the results.

Thank you for your interest in my endeavour. However because of limited amount of time, I won’t be able to go further after this though; here’s my experiment:

Full text can be found here:

No broker uses payment for order flow in the UK.


Interesting article that also include FT. All services (i,e platforms)

not equal, some do it pricier than other. Thank you for reading:)

Full text:

I thought this sounded old. aggregating orders is the primarily the scheduled order option where orders are executed at 10 (for UK stocks, roughly).

The users complaining about not getting the price they expect is primarily down to users not understanding stock trading, not understanding that prices listed are indicative, and not reading the order execution policy.

This is the case for basically all brokers. HL for example if you use regular investing will aggregate orders and execute them all at the same time at whatever is the best price they can get at that particular time.

There are differences, for example, while you should get very similar prices between Freetrade and HL since they use roughly the same execution venues (with a little difference in the balance between them), some other brokers may not have any control about which execution venues are used or how orders are sent since they use a third party for all their stock dealings. Or it’s possible they trade internally. But brokers don’t make profit from PFOF for example in the UK, as this is against the regulations.