Freetrade targeted by Facebook scammers

Looks like freetrades Facebook page has been targeted by scammers :disappointed:

Edit - changed title as I initially thought it might be a hack, now can see it is a copy page using a bot to tag official freetrade Facebook followers

Appears to be their official page and tagging all their followers which is a real shame with so much good publicity at the moment

Edit- appears not to be the official page but just a good copy with a bot that is somehow tagging people who are members of the official freetrade group… hopefully someone on the freetrade team can shut it down

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Are you sure it’s the official page? I’m not seeing anything untoward on their verified page (with the blue tick)

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Your right, not official but tagging all the real freetrade followers - edited title and description

Best thing we can do is report these scam accounts to Facebook.


I’m not saying I’m okay with any form of crime, but people who set out to arbitrarily target individuals frankly make me reconsider my overall views on criminal justice.

More importantly though the concerning thing these days is how convincing some of the scam ads are. Best thing to do is to boycott any website that can’t keep them in check. As I actively do.

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I’d add - add a link here to the fake posts so we can all report the post and account as spam. The more people report it as spam the faster it is likely to be taken down (well maybe a bit less slow given Facebook’s notoriously slow removal of spam content and misinformation unfortunately)


I reported it and it looks like the page has actually been taken down thankfully


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