Funderbeam - Ampler

Anyone here used funderbeam before?
I saw a company I’ve been following for a few years (for their product) is crowdfunding, but they’re doing it via funderbeam and the site confuses me… it doesn’t say what equity the crowdfunding is for.
Any clarity will be really appreciated😁

Never used Funderbeam. Those bikes look cool, but damn they’re expensive!

Ye, I’ve never managed to afford one myself, but love them and the companies great aswell

Samlan have you signed up? Could you give me an idea of the rates for the corporate bonds/debt that they are doing for some companies? I know some companies is equity while others is debt

My concern is that I assume most people, like me, wouldn’t pay so much for a bike. Their market is probably quite limited as a result of the price, even though it’s probably a justified price.

I signed up, but if I’m being honest the site confuses me.
I did find the equity this particular fundraise is for… up to 2.5M for up to 10%

My hope would be that schemes like the cycle to work scheme might help bring customers if the cap is lifted.
But a very good point, I myself can’t justify buying a bike like that.

Thanks Sam. If you find out about the debt rates/terms on the platform please share. Thanks a lot :+1: