Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF (Acc) - BOTZ - Share chat

As per topic - Nasdaq listed ETF investing in robotics & AI focused companies

YTD return: over 50%.
With investment from both VC firms and institutional investors only set to grow in 2021x with NIRP being enforced by more and more central banks, that seems like a very good place to park some of one’s capital.

Global X only has US etfs which can’t be added. There are 2 AI /Robotics etf on freetrade already though.

And what are the the symbols of these 2 ETF’s already available?

£RBTX and £ROBG are robotics, £AIAG is AI.
The second and third are L&G so I think they’re Plus only, not sure.

Yes, L&G are Plus ETFs

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Hi everyone - $BOTZ is now live on your app.

Please can we have access to invest in the BOTZ etf.

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This one could really outpace the market based on the current appetite for AI stocks