GME Fallout - Profit or loss poll

GME The Fallout
  • Largely out and sold at profit
  • Largely out and broke even
  • Largely out and lost money
  • Holding at profit
  • Holding even
  • Holding at loss

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With GME excitement simmering down I was interested to see how things ended for us… the common man

Did we one up on the suits or did we all lose money?

Or is it not over yet?


If Elon does not say another word about GME, then it’s all over.

All looks like a big pump and dump given the number of people who have cashed out.

The whole point was to hold and the price can only go one way.

I’m holding - I’m still feeling positive that it’ll bounce as there are a tonne of shorts that still need to be covered.

Latest short interest was published yesterday and it’s still at 80% (which is absolutely nuts) - worth $3bn currently.

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Cashed out at 100% profit, after being 400% up at one point - lesson learnt, have a better exit plan and don’t be greedy. Still happy with my £1,000 though :smiley:

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Agree. Holding. There are a lot of shorts that have to cover sometime, maybe not this month or next but they have to cover at some point

Yeh I saw 480 and held, felt terrible over those missed gains, then on the next spike I set stop losses all the way down. Lessons very much learnt, when all of WSB is memes, it’s time to cash out.

I’m ashamed to admit I got gobbled up by FOMO and madly ditched my long term investment principles, giving up at a 50% loss and selling. It was thankfully very small and using money from some skimmed profits, so a slight burn of the fingers and a timely reminder to not be an idiot and stick to my usual principles. My portfolio is massively up anyway, but it hurts to look knowing it should be higher than that. Lesson learned and never to be repeated!

All I can say is, had GME been in the freemium category, I, like most others would have plunked down some money into it too. So, thank you for keeping it behind the paywall. Probably saved me and some others a ton of money. :sweat_smile: :v:

Sold at +100% at $37.

It felt like WSB was at the peak of the meme cycle, how wrong I was

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