Gold price languishing

Why is the price of gold continually failing to punch into record highs?

If gold is an inflation hedge, and there is ample inflation being touted right now, why on earth does gold continue to languish below long term tops?

There did appear to be slight upward fillip last week on the back of central banking activity and rhetoric.

Maybe, the realisation is dawning…

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Gold has remained high throughout most of this year. If you compare to one year ago it was about £100 an ounce more then, so it actually held up quite well as most of the ‘stimulus money’ has gone back into the stock market notably tech stocks. As these have pulled back then we saw investment into Crypto.

You are right there.
Maybe I’m being too short termist in my viewpoint.
It’s a big animal to get moving, but when it does it can take a decade or so to ride out. 2000 to 2011 was a case in point, but would have been phenomenal if held throughout…
Investors (me included) have become conditioned to look for quick gains, when patience can be the better route.

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