Gold Resource Corp GORO

This resource production company works across the USA and Mexico, predominantly identifying and producing gold and silver.

This was one of my early hedging stocks bought in November 21 on the advice of something or other that I read :open_book:

I invested on a peak so it dropped for me for some time but it is now up 30% to $2.30 this week on various news and goings on in the world and still room to reach the lofty heights of $3 it made last year.

I was surprised to see companies like Silvercorp $SVM not reflect the same movement. Why do you think this is? Do you think this is because $GORO’s mines are in the USA and $SVM’s are in China? Or that silver is more important as an industrial metal than a place of safety?


I never got my dividend on 30th June 2022, anyone else missing or hot Thiers ?? Ta

It’s only June 6th, only a time traveller could answer your question - which would be a surprise

Oh ye haha .

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