Great Western (GWMO)

Hi - when is GWMO going to be on Plus

quickly please as think this is about to fly

Hi Ben :wave:
We’re hoping to add GWMO in the next week or two. Watch this space :eyes:


Anyone fancying this?

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-Low risk environment in US (state of Nevada)
-Near term gold production
-world class copper resource
-£2m cash in the bank

As always DYOR.

All the best


@Catrinel For some reason I am not being allowed to buy shares in this…

Most likely due to volatility (-5% to +10% since morning) so FT is unable to get the best price.

Exciting times for anyone holding this at the minute. Hopefully we’ll receive good results in the coming weeks.


Any idea why the big jump today :relaxed:

Just looking at that myself. Got in, opened the app and have a huge gain today on GWMO !! Looks a calculation error but I can’t quite work it out ? A zero missing maybe ?

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I hope its not an error haha. Found this but was an article from a week ago.

550% jump lol…

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Must of been a mistake :joy: back in the red

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