Hargreaves are losing the baby boomers!

I’m not sure, you can transfer non lifetime ISAs to a HL LISA but not LISAs; I thought you could to be honest.

I think AJ Bell still offers S&S LISAs, but I’m not a customer so don’t know about transfers.

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Ah yeah I was just thinking of LISA - LISA transfers. Hadn’t thought of normal ISAs.

That will be interesting as I have a cash LISA that I’m about to use but will have a bit left that will be best in stocks

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You make a good point. It is important that people consider their own requirements and habits when figuring out the right brokers for themselves, I guess in the beginning it is not easy to figure out what all the relevant charges are … one needs some experience to know what to look out for e.g. II does automatic dividend reinvestment for 99p but HL has a charge of 1% of the trade value (max £10) but £0 for funds etc etc.


Definitely. When I first started with HL, I didn’t fully understand the platform and was was put off by the trade fees. This is where I’m thankful to Freetrade as they removed the barriers to entry for me and opened my eyes to the benefits of investing.


Do you utilise HL for diversified funds and Freetrade for a more active approach?

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I mainly use HL for ETF investing and for my long term U.K. dividend stocks. I’ve been using Freetrade for my speculative plays and US investments in a GIA.

Do you use HL?


I used HL before having access to Freetrade during early 2019.
Defo a great platform for funds.

Quite like the approach of Invest Engine for etf’s also, totally beats all the robo investing.

Both my sons ( 19 and 22 ) have done the same as you Dan. HL for the ‘serious investment’ of the LISA and Freetrade for a bit of ‘fun investing’


Damn, I actually feel for you there Mr Moo.

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Customer service at HL is very good in my experience. Only had a couple of minor quibbles over the years and both resolved within a day. Additionally the range of investment options available is superb.

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I have accounts with HL, T212, Freetrade. And I used HalifaxShareDealing many moons ago - closed now.

HL has my LISA (with indiviudal stocks in it, willing to swallow the 3 or 4 trading fees per year to get access to the LISA bonus. I can reduce the fees by putting UK stocks in via regular investing) and a GIA with a few funds (would be cheaper with vanguard directly but its hopefully temporary while I prove to myself my individual stock strategy is working so keeping it where it is for now)

Freetrade has UK stocks and ETFs, in a GIA. Has a couple of neat features but mainly use it to diversify broker risk.

T212 is my main account, I have an ISA and GIA.

Like others have suggested, I’d like something a bit more secure and stable as my fund grows. HL/II are options, but more expensive. IB looks promising but complicated.

As a HL shareholder; IB looks the main threat for individual stock strategies, II for SIPPs, Vanguard for passive investment. T212 and FT obviously picking up the new entry investors, so not an issue for now but could impact the longer term funnel.


New entrants gaining ground on the incumbents.

You might be interested to know that I’ve just decided to move my £100k ISA from Fidelity to Freetrade. (Freetrade platform costs are minimal for the platform charge at £3 a month.)

And I’m investing into this fund in my Freetrade ISA instead - https://fund-docs.vanguard.com/ie00bng8l278-en.pdf - which is available in Freetrade’s ISA, and has only a 0.24% TER, so is great value in my opinion, whilst also being Global, and an ESG fund.


I have just moved my holding to HL! :joy: I really like the ETF, I think it will do well in the longer term and has a much lower entry than VWRL.

Are you going for V3AM or V3AB?

Thanks. Reading the whole article is worthwhile. Another quote from that article:

'he thinks there’s “a general deception” that the direct-to-consumer market is growing “an awful lot faster than the advised platform market”.

The thing that stands out for me about the numbers is that concentrating on ‘number of clients’ is a poor metric of eventual profitability.
In some senses the AUM on its own also is not the greatest metric of profitability. As an example if you have a 100K ISA and you are paying the broker £36 a year … How exactly is the firm going to be sustainable?

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HL were my first broker. I used to have funds with them but now only ETFs, ITs and shares so I only pay £45 for the ISA. In my experience, their customer service is very good, the website is still often where I go to, to get some of my information on investments.

I transferred my SIPP to Freetrade as the fees are cheaper but come drawdown, it’s possible I may transfer back as if I don’t like Freetrade’s offering (which is currently unknown for drawdown).


Me too! :joy:

Back to HL?

Yes, there’s a possibility, although I will research other options/providers when the time comes.