Have any UK SPACs delivered?

Struggling to find any successful UK mergers/acquisition atm

Arrival listed in US, I believe Babylon is listing in US as well

Pinapple and Conduity capital have been very disappointing

Am I looking in the wrong places or are UK SPACs whack

Oxford Nanopore looks interesting… One of these great British companies like ARM, that could have worldwide impact.

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ARM owned by SoftBank and was being bought by Nvdia think UK CMA intervened but might still go ahead :thinking:

I’ll check out nanopore, has the spac merger been announced?

Oxford Nanopore are preparing for an IPO in H2 2021 and not via SPAC

SPACS are structured different here in the UK and one complaint is that trading gets suspended once a merger is announced.

Some changes are supposedly coming soon to make it more attractive for SPAC listings. Time will tell.


Yes I’ve been interested in this Oxford Nanopore IPO for a while

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