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2 Rns today! Be a busy morning

:roller_coaster:. Here we go again

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Q&a announced with Lorna for next week aswel. Busy day there


Maximum FOMO kicking in now!


Thanks for that.
And that’s why I come back here for the forum.

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Has everyone had their invite to today’s webinar?
Might be some price fluctuation pre and post…

Seems as there was no morning Rns people assume no formal news so selling this morning ? Hopefully bounce back later

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The webinar was postponed days ago. They are now now doing a live presentation on InvestorMeetCo at 12pm today.

Guessing by the share price drop that the meeting wasn’t exactly inspiring?

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Offered nothing new from what we already know really. EWT 4-6 weeks so imagine the floating traders will return then. Hopeful for production by end of 2025.
Huge money needed for production but hope to find that elsewhere snippets I heard

The sp opened lower today, but that presentation didn’t help any. The timeline to production keeps being moved to next year every year.
Doesn’t matter what else they do, productivity is ultimately all investors want.

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Still many more buys than sells so some drop really based on the above. If only it was all that simple

Nothing is ever that simple in the stockmarket! As i said, the sp opened lower, before the presentation. I’m only saying HE1 do nothing to help the situation.

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Ouch, did a little buy sell buy shuffle just to add some “free shares” for the last few bounces but now you’ve made me really wonder if I want to do the last buy. Don’t want to be HE1 burned again like after the last dilution. Took a lot of faffing to make the loss back.
Come on talk me into it…

I can’t help there.
I’m only holding what I already have, until such time I can sell or they go bust.

I was joking (sort of) I don’t actually expect financial advice. Particularly on an AIM.
I truly wish the best for you.
I did buy back in this morning and now crossing fingers about future re-monetising.

What happened overnight? :eyes:

FOMO as Phase 3 is about to begin. Should tick up nicely from here.
Next RNS will hopefully be positive news and that we have started drilling deeper.