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Hi @Viktor any chance we could add advance energy epic adv
This stock will complete a reverse takeover and will be a £25 mill market cap powerhouse. Massive prospects here with a great board of directors.

I assume you mean Advance Energy, so I’ve edited the title of your post to reflect that. Rest assured that the team views these requests; there’s really no need to tag individuals in stock request posts.

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18% up today. Some serious moves

£600k in volume traded today. Freetrade could do worse than adding this stock

Doesn’t seem to be any discussion about this share which i find strange.

It was involved in an rto monday and is an oil explorer.

It had 2 broker notes in the last 2 days with 8p and 12p price targets. It currently sits at 2.5p

Yesterday it had massive trade volumes and was 18% up.

Keep your eyes on it.

What makes you say undervalued? (out of interest)
as in, why those price targets?

I don’t know about you but the man is called Mr Rich and is a supreme trader :joy: That’s all I need to know, I’m in :+1:


Thats why…its at 2.5p and there 2 broker notes saying 12p and 8p target price

That was my feeble attempt at sparking a discussion. my appologies. :man_shrugging:

I don’t see it on Freetrade

its not on freetrade yet

If that is the case then surely a stock request should of been the right route :joy:

There is another thread with a stock request. Should have gone specsavers


Any news on this being added? Had this on my watchlist for a long time. Currently at 3.1 but seems undervalued when compared to a lot of similar stocks.

Thanks (sorry if wrong thread)

Honestly pretty tired of this with Freetrade. I don’t understand why they can’t just add all LSE automatically? I know it’s really super important for them to have cool logos and funny names, but why can’t they bulk import all stocks in? Seems like they’re doing it manually by how long it take to add them, which seems insane.

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What do they do? They have a tiny market cap of £4.5m and no reported revenue.

Trying to see if any others might be interested in this. Big news brewing…

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