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Switchback Energy Acquisition Ord SHS Class A

NYSE stock

We’re on it.


Is there any news on this being added?

Any news on SBE stock?

They are merging with Chargepoint which is one of the pioneer companies to start charging stations for EV companies.

is there any news on this stock?

Bump on this - any news?

The more I’ve been on Freetrade the more I’m finding if there’s a stock not here it’ll no doubt be on 212. Come on Freetrade, love the app interface.


Please add.


would love to here any news on this stock

Defo on my list, would be great to see this added

I am starting to notice the same, I actually signed upto 212 the other day because of this, wanted to solely use Freetrade but there’s just so many good stocks being added too late to maximise profit.


Up nearly 20% pre market, any news?

Need this now!!!

:crying_cat_face: Tesla Cat is crying for the lack of SBE on Freetrade.

definitely disappointed, lack of communication with stocks like these, i love free trade and i wont switch however, really big opportunities missed, been waiting for almost a month for this stock.

It’s on…
Missed the initial rise, but at least it’s here now :+1:

still waiting for this one

It’s already in the app

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