ChargePoint Inc IPO

ChargePoint Inc IPO 2023. Would be nice of freetrade keep an eye on this one.

Anyone got more information welcomed

When is this being added to Freetrade?

Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation (SBE)


More on IPO


@Viktor Hey, do you know when Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation (SBE) SPAC will be added to freetrade?

I already own some of this stock on another platform. It appears to me the listing is to fund an expedited increase in its charge ummm points lol.
They seem to have a big presence in US both with private and business customers and expansion across Europe is now a race against the clock with the year on year increase in EV sales.

Hi @smartzone :wave:
Thanks for flagging this one. We’ve added it to our list and we’ll keep checking so we can get it live when it IPOs.

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That’s great news Catri very appreciated.

FYI this is a SPAC so is trading already under the ticker SBE. This is not an IPO

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