ChargePoint - ($CHPT)

Request for SBE chargepoint charging stations

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Was just about to request this! Please add.

Please add

Please add yes

I request this aswell


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Please add SBE !

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Hi all

We’re planning to add this to your app today.

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Anymore new stocks going to be added today please

We’re still working on instruments that represent a bit more difficulty. Watch this space!


I think it’s a bit too late for SBE

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Now live on your app.

Capital at risk


Appreciate it guys :+1:

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Well that didn’t turn out to be a great pick :smile: luckily only put in small amount… anyone has a good pick for EV recharge stations etc? Surely there is huge money to be made in UK from those contracts…

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The lockup expiry is causing some pain here, back at $19 from SPAC levels

What’s a lockup expiry? I’m no investment pro, would appreciate a simple explanation kindly.

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People who owned shares before an IPO usually have to wait til a certain date before they can sell.


Thanks, and I understand that to mean that these folk that bought in early are likely not too happy with were Chargepoint is now vs expectations when they bought… so the market is expecting more sell, and therefore price stays low? Thanks for your patience.

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So is this the next big thing?

I’m going with no.