Henderson Far East Income - HFEL - Share Chat

This investment trust invests in Asia Pacific companies that pay high dividends or that have the potential to grow their dividends.

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Bought during the crash done nothing share price wise. Dividend about 8.4%.
I am hoping for a rotation into Emerging markets in this case asia.
Should be noted Pacific rim as opposed to far east has lots in Australia and new Zealand (mining).
Share price DOWN 27% over 5 years.
Share price 279p today but has been upto 323p in the last 12 months.
Normally on premium to NAV today 2.2% premium.

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I’m looking to add some income ITs to my Isa but I’m not a fan of many of the equity ones. Other than some exceptions, such as LWDB, FGT and JGGI, most are too focused on dividends for my tastes.

HFEL and MYI also have a good track records on total return – about 10% annually over the past 30 years – but I’m not convinced by either. Instead, I’m going to focus on gaining wider exposure as well as income by adding the likes of NCYF, TRY and JLEN.

I would give NAIT a look in. Dividend not massive but a reasonable share price gain. Regularly on 10%ish discount. Look at its dividend increases and compare.
Only been a income investment trust for 10 years and never used any of its dividend reserve. It is a long term holding based on the dividend and share price increase which offsets its smaller dividend. See hfel share price gain over 5 years! I only hold it for a rotation into Emerging markets
Murray is a long term as I got it cheap (6.4% dividend at the moment) and looks like it’s strategy is about to pay off.
I would definitely give Henderson far east a miss look at its share price gain over 5 years.

Has anyones dividend come through yet?

No. I’m expecting 5 dividends today (FSFL, HFEL, NCYF, UKW and THRL) but none have appeared yet.

The official policy is dividends can take 5 working days to process. With it being a bank holiday on Monday you might be waiting until the end of next week.

Reach out to money@freetrade.io if you’ve not seen anything by then


The SP is starting to slip on this one. I think I am now in hold and forget territory for a while. Hopefully the Div yield stays as it is. Anyone else thinking of bailing out of HFEL?

To me it looks like the share price has had a downward trend for at least the past 5 years:

(screenshot from Google Finance)

As I said, the share price has done nothing over 5 years but now really slipping BUT still on a premium. A 3.74% premium.
The share price over every period is negative

1w -12.11%
1M -10.04%
3m -7.76%
1Y -14.98%
6M -15.4%
2Y -16.5%
3Y -29.81%
5Y -33.98%

Total returns (taken from AIC generally a bit out of date)
1 year -7.9%
3 years -10.7%
5 years - 7%
10 years +54%

Luckily I sold out for small profit and the 8.4% dividend from march 2020. That’s a long time to go for 1% gain.
Sold for 275.8p in August.
Sell today 254p.
Year high 307p
Dividend today 9.2%
Time to set a price in Hargreaves Lansdowne watch list. Although having some money would help. Big fan of Asia growth… dividend growth!!
Worth keeping an eye on.