Herald Investment Trust - HRI - Share chat

This investment trust targets companies involved in communications and media. The trust invests in IT, publishing and equipment for the companies chosen.

Haven’t looked at this company for a while.
This can at times be one of the best small companies growth trusts around. To the best of my knowledge has always traded at discount. Self managed by the same lady since inception.
Doesn’t invest in unlisted companies unless they are about to go to market. IE pre ipo. Without checking mainly UK and US companies although claims worldwide

Due to it never trading at par i wouldn’t touch it higher than 20% discount. Presently 16% but less than a month go 22%. A not terrible 55% share price growth over 5 years nor great. If you take into account the kicking growth has had and the discount thats not a surprise
One of the main problems its suffering from is the change in accounting rules introduced in the US. This has increased the cost dramatically, so companies coming to market later in the US. No shortage of private equity willing to support them to that stage.
Pity i think this may now be off my radar unless the discount reaches 25% AND growth is back in fashion.
The Herald site is not downloading at the moment

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