Hostmore Plc 🥘 🍸 - MORE

This company is a parent company for a number of hospitality businesses including Fridays (previously know as “TGI Fridays”) and 63rd+1st. It de-merged from Electra Private Equity in November 2021.

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I have to say that although the share price has dropped significantly but it always would because of COVID and cost of living crisis I do see that the management team seem to be doing very well to mitigate this as well as negotiating cheaper rents and new openings.

I have to say that I feel very positive on this stock :slight_smile:

@Alex_B on this chat the the HOST should say MORE as the correct ticket on LSE is MORE can you please get this changes as I am not sure how to change this


With the share price plummeting,is it worth the risk and buy a load up? Whats peoples thought’s

Well it will still be a risk, but having said that as they said the debt is a bit less than they would have expected.

My view is yes there could well be a good upside in the long term but there is still high risk so the way i am looking at this one as a risky investment that has great possibilities but I am investing on the basis i could lose it all.

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Going the right way now