Hugoton Royalty Trust, HGTXU

Hi guys, I’m very interested in seeing Hugoton Royalty Trust, HGTXU, added into freetrade, would this be something that could be done by any chance?

Sorry to add more information as this is something i very strongly want adding to my portfolio here without having to go elsewhere and have multiple portfolios to keep track of;

This page shows previous distributions of dividends

About them (from their website)

Hugoton Royalty Trust was created on December 1, 1998 when XTO Energy Inc. conveyed 80% net profits interests in certain predominantly gas-producing properties located in Kansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming to the trust. The net profits interests are the only assets of the trust, other than cash held for trust expenses and for distribution to unitholders.

The trust was created to collect and distribute to unitholders monthly net profits income related to the 80% net profits interests. Such net profits income is calculated as 80% of the net proceeds received from certain working interests in predominantly gas-producing properties in Kansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

Net proceeds from properties in each state are calculated by deducting production costs, development costs and overhead from revenues. Net profits income received by the trust on the last business day of each month is calculated and paid by XTO Energy based on net proceeds received from the underlying properties in the prior month. Distributions, as calculated by the trustee, are paid to month-end unitholders of record within ten business days.

Units of beneficial interest in the trust were sold in its initial public offering in April and May 1999, and are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HGT.” As of May 12, 2006, XTO Energy is not a unitholder of the trust.

Is there any news on having this added to the library available?

@Freetrade_Team hey guys just wondering if anything’s going to happen with this one? Really want to start invest with them here without having to sign up to another site…

Putting aside the fact that this is an ‘Over The Counter’ stock for the moment, this also appears to be a Public Traded Partnership and is most likely affected by IRC Sec. 1446(f). :thinking:

Please forgive my considerably less knowledge base compared to say yours would it not be rather similar to others such as Sitio Royalties $STR which are already on the freetrade platform?

Any news on having this one added please??