I wrote a book about investing

Hi All

I wrote a book about investing for the everyday investor. The book is ironically called “The Everyday Investor”. The book is a good read for anyone in the investment space.


Would you be able to share your journey on how you came about writing and publishing this book?


I would be very interested too.

Congrats and good luck with the book. Is there a reason you copied The Lean Startup by Eric Ries for your cover?

Yes @yomz10 I’d like to know your background that qualifies you to sell such advice. If due diligence is an advisable strategy for researching investments then it only makes sense to carryout some research before we “invest” in you.

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Thank you for responding. Your question is a very valid question which I look forward to answering. The book is more of an educational book rather than directly advising someone to invest in assets, It focuses largely on illustrating facts about the past behaviours in the stock market as that’s the best way we can create patterns about what could potentially happen. Largely focused on long term investing instead of short term investing. The book has chosen to follow the guidelines of the likes of Warren Buffett for the most part. The book focuses a lot on facts that an everyday person might not realise, such as the fact that investing in the S and P 500 long term works out better for individuals in 90% of cases than investing with hedge funds and the so called money experts. This is largely because of the expensive fees these institutions charges. This is just a little bit about the direction chosen. What qualifies me talk about this, well the answer is that since I was 21 I have invested my hard earned money in to the market in a number of great companies generating good returns for myself so far and I’m simply explaining the approach I took to build my current portfolio.

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The book the lean startup is one of the best books I’ve read and the simplicity of the cover but it’s uniqueness at the same time inspired me to use it as a foundation.

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Out of interest, how old are you now? :slight_smile:

Congratulations, @yomz10, that’s amazing! :clap:

I agree on The Lean Startup by the way, some superb lessons in that book.

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Thanks for the response.

By the way the symbol on the front of that book is called an Ensō. Quite a lot of people get it tattooed in some variation as a symbol for the circle of life. It can be left open or closed depending on your view of life.

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I thought you guys were inspired by another book that was made into this :movie_camera: :freetrade:




Thanks for that. Always thought it was an ouroboros-type symbol

Damnit, I watched that recently and only last week got the damn thing out of my head.

So thanks for that… :smile: