Interactive Investor adopts Netflix-like monthly flat fee pricing model

Not too familiar with incumbent platforms, but read this and thought about how Freetrade Alpha will stack up against it. On price alone Alpha would be better value :thought_balloon:
Any current II customers happy with this change?

Subscription model:


Who came up with those names? Funds fan :woman_facepalming:

Too many categories of things in each bracket


Too many options. Over complicated pricing. Unsure who this is for.

Only one plausible conclusion; they missed April fools by a week but didn’t want to wait until 2020 :grin:


I’d give the name a pass for the pure alliteration alone :heavy_check_mark:

Exactly my thoughts!

Also, FT does a good job of explaining how frequent traders will be better off under the new plan but infrequent traders will pay more:

Active customers on the super investor plan will pay less than before, due to lower trading fees, but customers who trade less frequently stand to pay up to £30 more per year on headline fees on the core investor account, and up to £77 more on the funds fan plan.


I think I’ll stay with Freetrade.
Just downloaded ii app to take a look for the first time.
They offer products not yet available in Freetrade, like SIPP or JISA. I believe FT will open these at some point.

They also offer access to equities in more markets, like Spain, Belgium or The Netherlands just to name a few.
FT have European Expansion on the 2019 roadmap.

As for the pricing… they present themselves as the better choice, when compared with Barclays or HL. Freetrade it’s not mentioned. Maybe someone could drop’em a letter?!


That’s a mess I’m afraid.


This looks like a total disaster. So first you pay a subscription, but then you still have to pay for your trades and there are also different pricings depending on what kind of security are you buying. This sounds exactly how NOT to run an investment platform.


Interactive Investor got Langcat to research their pricing offer vs HL, Fidelity and AJBell , see eg this Our Trading Charges - interactive investor. Langcat are good, so I trust the numbers are accurate. But it’s a shame they didn’t compare against certain other ISA providers…


I have an ii investor ISA that I’ve had for years. I’d like to move this over to Freetrade but the remaining shares are not available here yet.

Interactive Investor has started advertising

Does BoringMoney know about Freetrade?

Shocking Pricing Structure… Too much to say on it, so i’ll say nothing.

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As soon as I can transfer an ISA into Freetrade, I’m dumping II


Boring Money. Researched, written, edited and published by Sherry Coutu CBE :shushing_face:

In all seriousness though, this is a complicated structure. Sometimes lots of text just baffles people into submission!

Edit - The connection of any people to organisations above is completly fictitious :face_with_monocle::lying_face: