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can you add IAG shares

Can’t remember the exact source (apologies), but I recently read that the BA arm in particular is currently very short of pilots.

Some routes are having frequency reduced and its also being forced to wet lease multiple aircraft to maintain others which has a significant cost, especially when a chunk of your own fleet is stuck on the ground as a consequence, which is the last thing any airline wants. Not a great situation to be in when heading into the busiest travel period for 3 years…


That doesn’t sound good at all… Good luck to all IAG shareholders. Seems like they’ll be in for a rough flight ahead.

Its not just pilots - but ground staff, call centre, support staff, cabin crew etc - the number of staff they are short run into the thousands.

The wet-leases are to try and keep services running - either from airlines within the same group (Iberia and Vueling at Gatwick), or Finnair and Iberia at Heathrow. There are 20+ planes sitting on the ground in Madrid not doing anything, as they don’t have the staff to operate them!!

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As recently communicated to holders, International Airlines Group (IAG) has been removed from the app due to technical reasons relating to overseas taxation.

If you are a holder, you can still sell this stock, but you won’t be able to buy more and it won’t be available in the Discover tab.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Will it be back in the future. Now i have to go find another app to invest in iag… What exactly are these technical issues if so do other brokers have the same issue…

Are there really technical issues? It’s ultimately a Spanish stock and much like Banco Santander (£BNC) there is usually tax to be paid to the Spanish authorities, if sold for profit*

*I am not a financial nor tax adviser, if unsure on tax affairs ease seek a suitably qualified professional.

Some further reading can be found at

This usually would affect the person who bought the shares, I’d struggle to see how freetrade is affected directly by this.


Still not particularly clear on why you cannot offer IAG. How can every other platform offer it but not FT?

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Are Spanish stocks not going to be available on the platform. For the purposes of this question that will include both direct listings on the Bolsa de Madrid and also secondary listings in London such as IAG, Iberdrola and Banco Santander?

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It looks like you need the “basic” account to buy IAG shares. Is that the case or are they still not available due Spanish Taxation rules?

Not available as per International Consolidated Airlines Group - IAG - Share chat - #8

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Can someone from Freetrade please answer this question. Thank you